Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Picture Gallery - Nepal - October 2017

As I 'messed' up or deleted photographs on previous posts, thought it would be good to put on a photo gallery for my last post from Nepal.

New classroom furniture donated by Manisha UK
Old classroom furniture - desperately needs to be replaced
Santos (aged 18) has severe developmental problems BUT he loves coming to school.

Class 3 (Shree Bhagwati) - card activity - matching clock faces and times
Class 8 Shree Bhagwati - a lovely class with so many good ideas for the school
Astibi at lunch time - her bag nearly as big as her!
Tiffin time at Shree Bhagwati
Mums, nursery groups and class 1 eager for a story in the library at Shree Bhagwati School
Laxmi at Shree Bhagwati telling an engaging story using a 'big' book
Binod has severe and irreparable sight impairment but he could still play and really enjoy 'pin the tail on the donkey'

Laxman (head teacher) - Kokal School
Bimu at Kokal School

Rada showing us the multi grade teaching method

Binod and Saran (Kokal School)

Will he be a winner?

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